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Individual & Family Plan


The term eligibility refers to who may be covered by a Delta Dental of Idaho Individual plan. Only permanent residents of Idaho including spouses and/or dependent children are eligible. Coverage can be purchased by singles, two-person households or families. Individual dental plans may be purchased regardless of existing group dental, group health or Medicare insurance plans.

What is the cost of these plans?

The cost of Individual and Family plans are determined by the type of services covered and the age of the covered person. Preventive plans that cover basic cleanings and exams cost as little as $20 a month. Comprehensive plans that cover services such as root canals and crowns cost a little more, but generally have a higher annual maximum to help cover more comprehensive services.

To receive an accurate quote for an Individual and Family dental plan, you can visit our Plans page or call (1-855-703-3582) and one of our representatives will help you get started.

What services are not covered?

These plans provide a broad array of dental services, but like any policy, there are certain exclusions and limitations as well as amounts you will pay out of pocket. You can obtain information on the specific and general exclusions, limitations and other policy provisions by reviewing the product contract on the Plans page or by calling (1-855-703-3582) and speaking to a representative.

Can I see my own dentist?

You must use a dentist in our Delta Dental Premier or Delta Dental PPO network. We have a large network of participating dentists in Idaho as well as nationwide, so there is a good chance that your dentist is in the network. To determine if your dentist is in network or if you need help finding a dentist, you can select Find a Dentist (choose Premier or PPO) or call (1-855-703-3582). We do not cover procedures by dentists who are not participating as a Delta Dental dentist.

What is the difference between Premier, PPO and non-participating dentists?

The term Premier and PPO refers to the two types of networks we’ve established in the state of Idaho. A Delta Dental Premier or PPO participating dentist means these Idaho dentists have signed an agreement with Delta Dental of Idaho to participate in our network and have agreed to discounted fees for services. The Delta Dental Premier or PPO participating dentist accepts Delta Dental’s payment and the patient’s co-payment, if any, as payment in full. The PPO network generally provides the most savings to subscribers and is the recommended dentist network to choose when searching for a dentist.

A Delta Dental non-participating dentist is a dentist who has not signed an agreement with Delta Dental. Therefore, non-participating dentists can charge any fee for services, in which it’s the Subscriber’s responsibility to make the full payment to the non-participating dentist. Because of this, it is highly recommended to see a dentist in either the PPO or Premier network.

When does my coverage start?

When valid enrollment documentation is received on the 1st through the 15th day of the month, coverage will become effective the first day of the next month. When valid enrollment documentation is received on the 16th through the last day of the month, coverage will be effective the first day of the second month. Coverage is contingent upon underwriting acceptance. Your subscriber contract period is for 12 months. Coverage continues for 12 months; and will automatically renew for another 12-month period.

Are your contracts annual or monthly?

All contracts are annual.

How do I pay?

Premiums may be paid monthly or annually. A debit card or checking account number is needed for automatic monthly withdrawal. For your convenience, you can log on to to setup or change your automatic monthly payment settings. Annual payments must be paid with a check mailed to Delta Dental of Idaho, 555 E Parkcenter Blvd, Boise, Idaho 83706.

If you are enrolled in an ACA plan, if automatic billing has not been setup, a monthly statement will be mailed to you at the beginning of each month.

What if I have other dental insurance or am part of a Medicare plan – can I get dental coverage?

Yes, Delta Dental provides dental benefit plans regardless of existing group coverage or Medicare. You will want to review your Medicare Advantage or Medicare supplement plan to determine if dental coverage is included or if you need to purchase additional dental benefits.

How do I renew my dental plan?

Your contract will automatically renew on your anniversary date unless you notify Delta Dental of Idaho in writing of your intent to cancel within 30 days of the contract expiration date. You will receive a notice of renewal at least 45 days prior to expiration your dental plan. If you cancel this individual dental plan for any reason other than moving out of the state of Idaho, or you gain benefits through another provider, you will have to wait 24 months before you can re-apply for coverage.

How do I review and manage my account?

Once you’re enrolled, visit to update your contact information. You can also view and print your ID card, contract, payments made, benefits and claims information. Also available is our free mobile app allowing you to access your ID card, view contracts, look up benefits and find a dentist near you. This app can be downloaded via the Google and Apple app stores.

What is the difference between Delta Dental of Idaho’s Individual plans and Delta Dental of Idaho’s ACA compliant plans?

Our Individual plans offer a wide variety of procedure coverage and premium pricing based on the individual or family needs. Our ACA compliant plans do not offer as many procedure coverage options, but do provide a certified pediatric plan option that is compliant with the Affordable Care Act. You can purchase either plan directly through Delta Dental of Idaho, or in partnership with your broker.

What is the difference between Delta Dental of Idaho’s ACA Compliant plans and Your Health Idaho (YHI) Exchange plans?

The plans you find on Your Health Idaho (YHI) are the same plans you will find here. If enrolling through YHI, any changes must be completed through YHI. If you are expecting an ACA credit, you will want to enroll through YHI. Otherwise, you’re free to enroll directly through Delta Dental of Idaho for an ACA compliant dental plan.