— Giving Back —
To Idaho's Communities

Delta Dental of Idaho invests over $1 million annually to fund community outreach programs designed to prevent dental disease among Idahoans and protect their long-term health.

Grins on the Go was created as a free cavity prevention clinic provided to low-income elementary and middle schools throughout the state. Since the program started, more than 50,000 students have received services in the form of dental sealants, fluoride varnish, and 1-on-1 education.

GrinWell for You provides access to free preventive and restorative dental procedures to low-income Idaho adults over age 60 and helps them establish a dental home.

— Community Outreach —
Going Beyond Benefits

Continue reading below to see how Delta Dental of Idaho’s Community Outreach programs are making an impact across Idaho!

What Community Outreach programs are available?

Grins on the Go

With more than 51 million school hours lost each year to dental disease*, Delta Dental of Idaho created the Grins on the Go program - a mobile dental clinic that visits low-income elementary and middle schools throughout Idaho during the school year. These visits, performed by professional hygienists, include fluoride varnish and the ever important dental sealants for young Idaho smiles.
*National Children’s Oral Health Foundation

Free Dental Benefits

As part of Delta Dental of Idaho’s community outreach efforts to improve the dental health of all Idahoans, the GrinWell for You program was created to provide low-income seniors with an opportunity to receive dental benefits at no cost to them. Qualifying seniors receive $1,250 in free dental care the first year and then have the opportunity to purchase a subsidized preventive plan to maintain the dental work that was recently done. Delta Dental of Idaho pays over half of the premium.


Grins on the Go

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