Avoid Surprise Bills

Costs for dental procedures can vary by dentist and your dental benefit plan. Stay ahead of your finances and avoid surprise bills with three easy steps!

See an in-network dentist

Delta Dental of Idaho negotiates lower costs for dental procedures with in-network dentists saving you money each time you visit the dentist. You can find an in-network dentist by selecting the 'Find a Dentist' link in the top right corner of this web page.

Use our Cost Estimator tool

Our cost estimator works by looking up an in-network dentist in conjunction with a member’s benefit plan to provide an estimate for a specific dental procedure (ie. root canal or crown). Members can access Delta Dental’s cost estimator by logging into their account at deltadental.com.

Request a pre-determination from your dentist

Dental offices can submit a pre-determination to Delta Dental of Idaho which begins a review of your benefit information and provides you and your dentist with an overview of what each party will pay. These are particularly helpful for basic or major services where you may be responsible for a certain percentage of the cost. You can review your benefit plan information by logging into your account in the top right corner of this page.