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Your employees deserve the best in dental benefits

A healthy smile is a gift to the world. With so many health benefits linked to regular dental care, it’s a gift to yourself and employees too. Plus, preventive dental checkups are healthy on your bottom-line — saving your company unnecessary medical expenses, long-term. So invest in your company’s smiles and take advantage of great dental benefits, with Delta Dental of Idaho. We offer unique plan designs for small businesses that provide big benefits at a cost that won’t break the budget. Plans can be fully or partially paid by the employer or can be paid on a voluntary basis by your employees!

Why Choose Delta Dental?


Delta Dental prides ourselves on delivering the best dental benefits in the country. After all, dental benefits is all we do. By having an unbundled medical and dental plan, you'll have access to exceptional plan customization and nimbleness to address cost drivers to more effectively manage the cost of the plan.


Bye-bye unnerving on-hold music. Say hello to real Delta Dental customer service experts. Our customer service experts are answering calls, on average, within 15 seconds per call. Plus, we’re making those calls worth while, answering most questions in less than 3 minutes. We designed our claims processing system specifically for dental benefits. This means members will never have to wait while someone searches through extraneous medical, surgical or prescription drug data. Your employees will get the answers they need quickly from real customer service representatives locally.


We offer over 300 plans to choose from with something for every smile - many with no waiting periods or pre-existing conditions. Plans can be paid for by the employer fully or partially, or by the employees as a voluntary option. Whichever plan is chosen, your employees will have access to Idaho's largest network of dentists with more than 850 dentist locations in the state of Idaho.


Not only will your employees have the best dental benefits available in the state, but they'll also have access to a variety of value added services as well. These services include an orthodontic discount program, hearing discount program (provided by Amplifon Hearing Health Care), 70% savings on Z Sonic electronic toothbrushes, and much more!

See why a majority of small businesses in Idaho are choosing Delta Dental of Idaho

— Frequent Questions —


Delta Dental of Idaho offers dental coverage for businesses with two or more full time employees. We offer a wide range of products to fit any size company, from small businesses to large corporations.

Your insurance broker or Delta Dental Sales Representative can assist you in choosing the best coverage and rates for your company. You can contact your Delta Dental Sales Representative or call (208) 489-3567 or (800) 718-3374.

Yes! Up to 8%-10% depending on the contribution and participation, contact your local sales representative for a quote.

Yes. According to our agreement with Delta Dental Plans Association, a group must be based in Idaho. We are happy to help you identify other Delta Dental member locations for a group based outside this state. Click here for other Delta Dental locations.

Your group will be effective on the first of the month following the receipt of your completed group application, employee enrollment, and deposit for one month’s premium. (The items must be received by the 15th of the month for coverage to begin the first of that same month.) Click here to see a Group Enrollment Checklist.

With Delta Dental of Idaho, there is no "open enrollment" period. Employees and their dependents can enroll at any time throughout the year with a qualifying event or when initially eligible for benefits. If there is no qualifying event, then there is a 12-month waiting period on major services only (crowns, dentures, implants, bridges). However, all preventive (cleanings, exams, x-rays, etc) and basic services (root canals, fillings, extractions like wisdom teeth, etc) are available and covered immediately.

Whether your employees live outside of Idaho or require dental treatment while traveling, they will have access to one of the nation's largest networks. A list of Delta Dental participating dentists in any area can be obtained in the Find A Dentist section of our website.

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