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Delta Dental - Idaho Advantage

Delta Dental of Idaho has teamed up with SelectHealth to offer dental benefits to Medicare Advantage eligible beneficiaries. If you would like additional plan information or would like to search for a Delta Dental Idaho Advantage network dentist, please click the Learn More link below. If you're already a Delta Dental Idaho Advantage subscriber, please login above to access your benefit plan information.

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A lifetime of dental health starts with Delta Dental of Idaho. With the largest network of dentists, quick answers and personalized service, we make it easy to protect the ones you love.

Receive Additional Dental Benefits for High Risk Patients

— Giving Back —
To Idaho's Communities

Grins on the Go was created as a free cavity prevention clinic provided to low-income elementary and middle schools throughout the state. Since the program started, more than 70,000 students have received services in the form of dental sealants, fluoride varnish, and 1-on-1 education.

GrinWell for You program provides free preventive and restorative dental procedures to low-income Idaho adults over age 60 and helps them establish a dental home.

— Community Outreach —
All Grins On Deck

See how Delta Dental of Idaho's Community Outreach Program is making an impact in your community!


Delta Dental of Idaho is proud of the Health through Oral Wellness® program, or HOW® for short. HOW is a unique, patient-centered program that adds additional benefits to dental plans, based on your individual oral health need. By having a network dentist perform a simple risk assessment at the beginning of your visit, you may have access to additional preventive and health-sustaining benefits.

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We know dental emergencies happen, and not always during office hours. And sometimes those emergencies can't wait. We've partnered with Teledentistry.com to ensure employees are covered when needed.

Instead of waiting for hours and spending hundreds of dollars at an ER, Teledentistry.com provides your employees with an immediate consultation without leaving their homes. Teledentistry.com can even prescribe medication and schedule a follow-up appointment with their dentist if needed.

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All Delta Dental of Idaho members have access to a high-quality affordable hearing program offered through Amplifon Hearing Health Care. The program includes discounts on hearing aids and related services, hearing tests, virtual screenings, personalized coaching, top brand options, a nationwide provider network, and more!

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Delta Dental members no longer have to 'brace' for the cost of orthodontic care. Delta Dental’s value-added Orthodontic Discount Program provides all members and their eligible dependents a discounted fee for adult and child orthodontia if they obtain care from a Delta Dental of Idaho Discount Program orthodontist.

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Delta Dental's helpful mobile app allows you to search for dentists, plus access claims, coverage, and ID cards - and much more (right on their mobile device). We even have a built-in toothbrush timer to help them keep up with their daily brushing regimen!

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Knowledge is power. That's why Delta Dental has teamed up with Previser to help you and your family understand the connection between your teeth and gums to your overall health. Find out what your dental score is by clicking the link below!

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The Whole Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth

Our blog is a great resource for dental health information! It's fun, informative and mostly serious...