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Why Sell Delta Dental?


Our job is to help you succeed by supporting you, and when we make your job easier, we all benefit. Our local sales team has years of health benefits experience, helpful marketing materials, and valuable online tools to help you conquer any opportunity that lands on your desk.


We provide benefits that are easy to sell and products and support to help efficiently manage your client's needs. We ensure you get the best value out of Delta Dental products, from our helpful online tools such as online quoting, individual enrollment, and commissions to always-on service (with sales reps always standing by).


Keep your clients smiling with flexible, easy-to-use plans designed to lower costs. Select from over 300 plans (many with no waiting periods or pre-existing conditions) to serve any clients’ diverse needs and budgets. We'll even custom design a dental benefit plan to help you make the sale, including rollovers and voluntary and employer-sponsored plans.


With the nation's largest network of dentists, Delta Dental offers the most choice for your clients. Some of the plans include 9 out of 10 dentists in your area. But the network advantages go beyond that, with the power to negotiate the lowest rates possible (which means amazing savings for your clients).

What benefit plans are available for groups?

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Because no companies are alike, we'll customize a dental benefit plan that's right for you.


Joining the Delta Dental sales family is fast and easy. Contact our sales department, and we'll get you set up to begin selling clients the most experienced and trusted name in dental benefits. We're standing by to give you all we've got, and to support you in your new successful venture with Delta Dental of Idaho.

— Frequent Questions —


To become an appointed Delta Dental of Idaho producer, please contact our sales department at (208) 489-3583 or email us at

Payment of commission depends upon the number of employees in the group. Delta Dental will pay commission monthly if:

  • Producer is continuously and properly licensed in the state of Idaho
  • Producer is appointed by Delta Dental to represent products
  • Producer is recognized by the covered group as the agent/broker to receive commissions
  • Delta Dental and the group maintain a continuous contractual relationship
  • The group is current on monthly premiums

Contact Us if you have questions on commission rates for new and renewing pooled groups.

If you are an appointed Delta Dental of Idaho producer, you can easily create a quote online. If you don't already have a User Name and Password to access the secured section of our site, please contact our Sales department at (208) 489-3583 or to get registered.

If you would like someone on our Sales team to generate a quote for your client, please contact them at (208) 489-3583 or For companies with fewer than 99 employees, quotes are typically issued within two business days. We will put together a customized proposal for any of your clients with more than 100 employees. The quotes are generally issued within five business days.

To enroll a new group, submit the following to your Delta Dental of Idaho sales representative by the 15th of the month for coverage to begin the same month (for example, to begin coverage effective in January, the items must be received by January 15th).

Once appointed as a Delta Dental of Idaho producer, we will assign a sales representative to work directly with you. This representative will act as your primary contact and liaison for all Delta Dental questions. Click Contact Us to find out more our dedicated sales staff and how to contact our sales department.

Forms and Brochures can be found after logging in to the secured section of the website. You may also contact Delta Dental by email at or by telephone at (208) 489-3583 to request items.

Yes. According to our agreement with Delta Dental Plans Association, a group must be based in Idaho. We are happy to help you identify other Delta Dental member locations for a group based outside this state. We are happy to service groups who are headquartered in Idaho but have employees located outside the state—not all employees need to be Idaho residents.


Delta Dental of Idaho’s Health through Oral Wellness® (HOW®) program is a unique, patient-centered program that adds additional benefits to employee dental plans based on their individual oral health needs. High-risk employees may access extra preventive and health-sustaining benefits by having a network dentist perform a simple risk assessment at the beginning of their visit.

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Receive Additional Dental Benefits for High Risk Patients


Delta Dental of Idaho is partnering with Jet Dental, a mobile, on-site dental service. That means an employee’s oral health will be even easier to maintain. Jet Dental brings the dentist to your client, so their employees don’t have to take time off for an appointment – the appointment comes to them! We're not replacing dentists; we're providing better access to preventive services for our members! Jet Dental's services, while available to all employers, focus on those employees who tend to not make dental appointments due to the hassle.

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We know dental emergencies happen, and not always during office hours. And sometimes those emergencies can't wait. We've partnered with to ensure employees are covered when needed.

Instead of waiting for hours and spending hundreds of dollars at an ER, provides your employees with an immediate consultation without leaving their homes. can even prescribe medication and schedule a follow-up appointment with their dentist if needed.

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All Delta Dental of Idaho members have access to a high-quality affordable hearing program offered through Amplifon Hearing Health Care. The program includes discounts on hearing aids and related services, hearing tests, virtual screenings, personalized coaching, top brand options, a nationwide provider network, and more!

Learn More about Amplifon


Delta Dental's helpful mobile app allows your clients to search for dentists, plus access claims, coverage, and ID cards - and much more (right on their mobile device). We even have a built-in toothbrush timer to help them keep up with their daily brushing regimen!

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